August 21–27, 2023 — Weekly trends

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Weekly Trends, August 21–27, 2023,
August 21, 2023 — Monday,

Central European Time

August 23–11:01 AM
- Sun enters Virgo — 00 Virgo 00';
August 23–9:59 PM
- Mercury Retrograde — 21 Virgo 51'R;
August 24–11:57 AM
— First Quarter Moon — 1 Sagittarius 00';
August 27–3:20 PM
- Mars enters Libra — 00 Libra 00'.

August 22–1:22 AM — Moon enters Scorpio;
August 24–10:07 AM — Moon enters Sagittarius;
August 26–3:05 PM. — Moon enters Capricorn;
August 28–4:31 PM — Moon enters Aquarius.

From this week onwards we are entering a period of strong planetary activity that will usher us into the autumn months when the Solar Eclipse in Libra and the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus await us, but there is still time for that. All this indicates changes and changes in motivation, reuse of experiences and skills developed in the past, restoration of dreams, as well as a return of power.

This is a period when you will need to use your expertise again, practice your role and function and thus regain your confidence. By working on something that we consider important and useful, where we can give all our contributions, capacities and talents, we again get a new impulse, will and encouragement.

The working week begins with a Yod or the so-called Finger of God aspect, between the Sun in Leo, Pluto Rx in Capricorn and Neptune Rx in Pisces. In other words, it is simultaneously two sextile-related quincunxes, and in this particular case they indicate an alternative approach to difficulties, acceleration, action, freedom and space. The heart gains new strength unencumbered by previous challenges, full of energy and enthusiasm for achieving progress towards desired goals.

At the same time, we have a nice earth trine between Uranus in Taurus, Mercury and Mars in Virgo and Pluto Rx in Capricorn, and this heralds joy, achievements in the physical world and new connections.

The Moon in Libra forms a short-term quincunx to the unpredictable Uranus in Taurus, and it is simultaneously in conjunction to Ceres and simultaneously the two bodies are trine to Vesta and Astraea in Gemini, as well as Hygea in Aquarius. Ceres is in opposition to Chiron Rx in Aries, all of which points to the healing of some past painful points and cathartic moments of emotional release.

The Sun enters organized and hardworking Virgo (August 23 — September 23), a time when the crops are harvested, and all this requires categorization of things, diligent application of manual work, pedantry, service and diligence. The Sun in Virgo is something like the Keymaker in the Matrix: he knows all the doors and counter windows, he has all the keys to the secret passages, as well as passwords that open even the most difficult gates or tiny doors.

The Sun in Virgo analyzes, classifies, and categorizes, knows what is right and what is wrong, how best to do the work you love, and how to connect people to serve each other in a more holistic approach. All this brings with it good routine and dietary habits because, right, we want to eat well mostly what is right for our constitution and of course that has a lot of solar energy in it. That’s why now the doctors, nutritionists, administrators, as well as organizers, teachers, other officials and all those who create and maintain the daily rhythm and order come upfront to the stage. There are many different myths and legends behind the Virgo constellation, with the most popular being linked to Dike, the Greek goddess of Justice and Persephone, the daughter of Demeter, the harvest goddess.

Mercury is Retrograde in Virgo from August 23 to September 15. As always, this introduces certain uncertainties, difficulties or a complete breakdown in communication, as well as a period of transition when there is a feeling of imbalance and uncertainty about the future. Mercury? Mercury Retrograde?? Mercury Retrograde again??? I can almost hear how it is passed between people, and even children and pets with a dose of anticipation, because right, nowadays, almost everyone knows what kind of mischief that trickster, joker, on-call analyst and critic with fast walk and wings on his sneakers can cause.

This period is good for renewing previous relationships, old friendships, reconciliations and rejuvenation; visits to places with past significance, renovation projects, as well as previous career contacts, old work colleagues, former occupations or places of employment and anything related to the past that can be given a second chance.

Venus is retrograde until September 4, and at the beginning of the week is in a square to Jupiter in Taurus. Although the aspect causes a certain tension, between these two planets it indicates more of a tendency towards extensive spending of assets, money and property, as well as unreserved support — emotional and material — and of course tolerance.

Mars will enter diplomatic Libra on August 27th, where it will remain until October 12th. This will change the dynamic and tendency towards perfectionism and high standards to a more balanced approach and refinement that will appeal to many.

Briefly note that Jupiter is in Taurus, Saturn is retrograde in Pisces, Uranus is retrograde in Taurus and Neptune is retrograde in Pisces. Uranus stations retrograde on August 29th, which will last until January 27th, 2024.

Next week offers abundant chances to achieve purity — mental and physical — that will allow more light to enter our being, and this leads to and requires surrender, softening and release. In other words, now is a good time to let go of control and purify your environment, body, mind and intentions. Detoxification of negative energy or toxins from the environment may be needed to help you with the next step of development.


Monday — August 21
6:07 PM- Sun quincunx Pluto: the atmosphere is hot, mostly because of the uncertainty of asserting our values and making an effort. A choice needs to be made. Not knowing how to integrate our strength, we will only succeed if we bring in compassion, creativity and a spiritual element — Sun quincunx Neptune Rx. We will find the direction with a subtle approach to the occult and a correct attitude towards human rights — Neptune Rx sextile Pluto Rx.
11:14 PM- Uranus semi-sextile Vesta: a dramatic and positive influence, which helps break down barriers to fulfil a greater mission. An intuitive understanding of the Universe arises, and that knowledge needs to be taught, rather than controlled by others. Creative inspiration.

Tuesday — August 22
12:56 AM- Pallas quincunx Chiron Rx: a more effective strategy is needed to deal with old wounds. This is a good aspect if you want to act on behalf of others as a guide, healer or advocate. That way you will master yourself.
12:16 PM — Venus Rx square Jupiter: the tendency towards extravagance is emphasized, as is the need to have fun no matter what. As if tomorrow will never come.
8:33 PM — Mars opposition Neptune Rx: a conflict arises between the need to be assertive and the desire to escape into the world of dreams. This is an incentive to integrate both sides in the name of some creative goal.

Wednesday — August 23
11:01 AM — The Sun enters Virgo: you perceive everything that happens around you with your intellect. Now the work is serious, conscientious and disciplined. This is not a period for the lazy ones, but for those who know how to concentrate.
5:02 PM- Saturn Rx quncunx Juno: this is the moment when you realize that you need a serious marriage partner who will earn your respect, especially if you plan to establish a long-term relationship. If you don’t find him/her, you may decide to stay single rather than endure an unhappy union.
21:59 — Mercury stations retograde: review period begins. Possible breakdown in technology, transmission of information, travel delays and general misunderstanding.

Thursday — August 24
11:57 AM — First Quarter Moon — 1 Sagittarius 00' : facing the first difficulties in realizing our intentions. We are required to be flexible and actively remove obstacles to realize our vision in the next New Phase.

Friday — August 25
12:23 AM- Mars trine Pluto Rx: a great incentive to use energy constructively to serve society.
6:14 PM- Mercury Rx semi-sextile Ceres: You may be feeling that your goals and intentions seem to be slipping away from you. With one foot in the past — Mercury is retrograde — and the other in the future, you’re now in the space between. This is a wonderful time to explore as you can re-examine the past, choosing to see it as sacred and beautiful rather than something to reject or run from.
8:04 PM- Venus semi-square Mars: You have a big dream or desire right now, but you’re missing the important “How?”. You may be wondering if it is even possible to make your wishes come true and if it is not meant to happen at all. A moment when you wonder if it’s selfish to feel that you deserve any of your desires.

Saturday — August 26
7:23 AM — Mercury Rx conjunct Pallas: there is a great need to use the intellect to make a new strategy. This is possible because you learn how to be fair and diplomatic because you see every aspect of the situation with new eyes. Communicate and seek compromise. Plan, consult and inform yourself.

Sunday — August 27
8:28 AM — Sun opposition Saturn Rx: it is possible to face some kind of restrictions, authority figures and challenges.
3:20 PM — Mars enters Libra — 00 Libra 00': now we tend towards peaceful activities and solutions for the good and balance of all. Impulsivity is reduced in the name of diplomatic solutions.
3:58 PM — Mercury Rx semi-square Juno: Your Crazy Diamond is shining! The star you’re reaching for may seem out of reach, but if you let go of your resistance to surrender and shift to only loving and conscious intention, you’ll see the thread that connects you to the star that’s been there for you all along.
11:26 PM — Sun sesquisquare Chiron Rx: This is a complex play between the core of your essential nature and the wounded healer. Fragmented sentences, phrases and concepts that evoke memories. Now life has the potential for profound transformation; inspiration arises and the revelations you experience are meant to set you on a new path, so don’t be afraid to act.

These will be current topics, but where and how will all this be reflected on a personal level?

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