August 28 — September 3, 2023 — Weekly trends

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Weekly Trends, August 28 — September 3, 2023,
August 28, 2023 — Monday,

Central European Time

August 29–4:39 AM
- Uranus Retrograde — 23 Taurus 05'Rx;
August 31–3:35 AM
- Super Blue Full Moon in Pisces — 7 Pisces 25'

August 28–4:31 PM. — Moon enters Aquarius;
August 30–3:36 PM — Moon enters Pisces;
September 1–3:24 PM — Moon enters Aries;
September 3–4:59 PM — Moon enters Taurus.

This week begins with a nice earth trine between the Moon in Capricorn, Mercury retrograde in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus. This combination indicates a nice balance between work and leisure time, as well as striving for long-lasting solutions. Knowing how to seize the important moments and when to step back will give us a renewed sense of creativity and clarity.

Uranus, the Planet of Originality, stations Retrograde the following day, a transit that occurs every year around this time, and which will last from August 29, 2023 to January 27, 2024. As an outer planet, we feel Uranus’ influence more on a collective level, and in Taurus, a sign where it doesn’t feel quite comfortable, it will cause changes around the foundations we build our lives on, the way we invest our money and how we get our food. These sectors will undergo radical changes, all of which will encourage us to think and act a little differently, more creatively and in an unconventional way in order to bring about changes in life and fit into the cosmic game, asking ourselves how we deal with change, especially the sudden and unexpected ones?

Sometimes it happens that we fall into a routine from which there is no way to get out and then suddenly a surprise or a storm occurs that will make us recognize our own solid foundation, strive for our rootedness in the earth and allow the eye of the storm to shelter us until we are prepared to create calmer waters. This is a way to gain confidence in the cycles of life and the bigger picture and get out of the routine called the comfort zone — a place where we are comfortable but do not progress further. It’s time to take a brief look into the future and see the better version of ourselves there. Be creative with money, resources and possessions. Whatever you face, remember that you are stronger than you think and deep down you know what to do.

The next Full Moon, the so-called Blue Moon, will occur on August 31, 2023 at 3:35 AM, in the sign of imaginative and compassionate Pisces. August’s “Super Blue Moon” will be the biggest and brightest Full Moon of the year. The term Super Moon is a moment when the Moon is at its closest point to the Earth and is also in its Full phase, and the name Blue has nothing to do with the colour of the Moon, but with the phenomenon of a second Full Moon in the same month. Super Moons can trigger dramatic natural events, such as tectonic shifts and earthquakes, ocean storms, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions.

Precisely because of its power, the Full Moon has a strong influence on our emotions and nervous system — many are restless, tired and cannot sleep, emotions are stressed and we come to new insights, because this phase of the Moon has the ability to illuminate things and show different angles of the same situation which previously seemed hidden. Through these discoveries, we can fully process our thoughts and emotions and thus finally heal ourselves. Now it’s important to stay well hydrated throughout the day, do moderate exercise and find more time to rest.

Highlights of this Full Moon in Pisces are the conjunction with Saturn Rx, as well as the quincunx between Mercury Rx in Virgo and Chiron Rx in Aries. Pisces is a sign ruled by Neptune, planet of ideals and dreams, vision and mysticism and the Full Moon in conjunction to Saturn, planet of structure and form, will encourage us to seriously question what dreams we want to manifest into physical reality. Saturn’s support will be of great importance and will bring long-lasting success.

The Mercury Rx/Chiron Rx quincunx will force us to discuss topics that are unconventional, eccentric and shocking. Mercury’s communication power can help bring Chiron’s wounds to light, encouraging empathy, tolerance and compassion. Meanwhile, Chiron’s healing ability can lead Mercury to deeper, more sensitive communication styles, showing that logic may not be the best way to solve problems sometimes.

Ask yourself, are you ready to realize your ideals, to fight for your goals? Do you have sufficient knowledge, appropriate tools and specialities? Do you have the strength to change?

Challenge calmly, don’t try to blame someone else, look at your mistakes. This day is a good day to be content, so take a vacation from your worries.

Venus will be stationary Direct at the beginning of next week, on September 4 at 5:20 AM, and Jupiter stations Retrograde on the same day at 4:11 PM.


Monday — August 28
7:51 AM — Mars sesquisquare Jupiter: there is a strong urge and ambition to expand horizons and break all boundaries driven by strong passion and enthusiasm. Huge energy that is best channelled into something meaningful and valuable. An opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

Tuesday — August 29
4:39 AM — Uranus Retrograde — 23 Taurus 05'R: a period of revision begins idealism, inspiration and hope in the achievement of goals of a higher character. Regulation of food and property prices. If you think you don’t understand technology, electronic devices and appliances… you’re right! Update yourself. Find alternative ways to overcome these challenges.
7:56 AM — Uranus Rx quincunx Ceres: libertarian urges and need for change. Strange experiences and perceptions influence beliefs and it can be difficult to choose which path will offer the best solutions.
2:38 PM — Uranus Rx trine Pallas: unexpected and frequent inspiring insights. Futuristic ideals of equality and justice. Breakthroughs in technology. Thunderstorms.

Wednesday — August 30
11:55 PM — Mercury Rx quincunx Chiron Rx: Difficulties in grasping new concepts related to unusual healing modalities or unconventional experiences of time and the nature of reality are possible.

Thursday — 31 August
3:35 AM — Full Moon in Pisces — 7 Pisces 25' — Moon conjunction Saturn Rx: serious distance in intimate relationships, restrictions in the home and family, as well as dramatic events related to parents, children and home are possible; Mercury Rx quincunx Chiron Rx: new ideas and healing modalities.
5:11 AM — Jupiter quintile Saturn Rx: a call to learn and be part of something, some particular group of people, an established institution or spiritual discipline. Magnetic attraction of teachers and leaders.
8:00 AM — Ceres semi-square Pallas: a moment when personal needs can be neglected and too many tasks can be taken on at once. A call to rest.

Friday — September 1
12:43 AM — Sun semi-sextile Juno: success, victory and accolades, especially in the area of marital partnerships. You are proud of your spouse, but don’t overdo it.
9:01 PM — Mars quincunx Saturn Rx: indecisiveness and constant effort towards achieving long-term goals. Truth is corrupted by dishonesty or prejudice.

Saturday — September 2
10:04 AM — Sun sesquisquare Ceres: life is a struggle. It can be unfair, difficult, corrupt and hopeless. But it is simultaneously hopeful, brilliant, trustworthy, good and beautiful. Nothing will ever be perfect, but neither will it last. Gratitude for all life.
12:43 PM — Neptune Rx square Vesta: exhaustion or illness especially if there is exaggeration and forcing in domestic duties. Finding meditative pleasure in work. Correcting errors. Work smarter, not harder.

Sunday — September 3
8:43 AM — Moon conjunction Eris Rx and North Node opposition Ceres: divine detours, value of not getting what you think you want, discovering greater wealth when forced to change direction. New ways to generate collective energy, especially in dealing with the new sub-variant of COVID called Eris. Pay attention to children and family, as well as health insurance. Manipulation by Big Pharma over drug prices.

When you look up at the night sky and stare at the stars or when you look at the horizon of the ocean you feel small compared to the vastness and majesty of the view. That’s why perception is crucial. Remember the importance of learning to see things from a right perspective.

These are general influences for the current week. If you are interested and want to know how all this will affect you personally, or you have questions and want to talk, schedule a consultation.

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Have a nice week!

Irena Tancheva

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