Humankind have long sought to maintain its health in good condition, to help the body fight various diseases and to increase immunity. They say that to beat the disease is to overcome the fear of death and in the history of phytotherapy we can see that the use of teas is an integral part of human culture.

Medicinal herbs are the original medicines of ancient people, but also of modern man. Various herbs are still used in the preparation of many medicines, as a fairly inexpensive and affordable variant with therapeutic properties. Herbs are used to make tonics, teas, or ointments that can help scientific medicine. It is good if every family has knowledge of the natural pharmacy with which they can expand their health culture and help themselves in cases of acute or chronic diseases.

Lately, one can notice the resistance of patients to receive conventional medicine, because it brings with it many contraindications, so they tend to discover types of treatment in a natural way. Of course, this does not mean to completely reject the offered medicines, but to include in the prepared therapy mixed mixtures of different types of herbs. It is the duty of doctors to know the healing properties of plants themselves and to offer an appropriate option that will be good for every patient.

Each plant has its own period when it is favourable to be harvested, and the first period begins between May and June, and the season lasts until October. Among the first spring herbs are Nettle, Rosemary, Thyme, Yarrow, St. John’s Wort, Linden, Dandelion, Clover, Wild Oregano, etc. Let’s see what each of these herbs can offer as a cure.


Nettle is a wild plant that is found almost everywhere — from neglected areas to cultivated gardens and yards. It is best known for its ability to burn, especially if you touch it carelessly. However, its medicinal properties are used in the diet and making of teas, and mostly in the treatment of anemia. It is considered to be the first spring food and it is used both leaves and seeds. For medicine it is best to collect the tops of the plant, the leaf itself, but if necessary the whole herb, with the root. Its leaves are rich in tannins, chlorophyll, carotene and vitamins C and K, as well as some acids. It also helps in the treatment of hair loss and that is why there are many shampoos made with nettle extract. It has the ability to stop bleeding — external and internal — and is also used in the treatment of rheumatism, due to its ability to burn. Chlorophyll helps against many infectious diseases and lowers blood pressure.

Breckland Thyme

This low-lying plant is also a wildflower and has light purple flowers. It can be found on higher hills and mountains, especially in the last spring months. It is also used as a spice herb, and from it the flower is collected, but also the whole herb, with great care not to uproot the root, so that it can bloom next year and the next generations will also benefit from it. Fragile in appearance, it offers a wide range in the treatment of many diseases, especially lungs and nerves. It is not in vain that it is called Thyme. It soothes coughs, helps expel mucus and prevents the spread of infections. Then it helps in the so-called gynecological diseases, then in the treatment of urinary tract, as well as depression and insomnia. Baths are also made from it, which help the body to relax and thus have a toning effect.


This herb is often used, especially in the treatment of wounds and women’s health. Like the above plants, it is a wildflower, and is found on higher hills, but also in lower places in the first period of spring. With a pronounced scent and multi-coloured, it is considered a cure for many diseases. It is especially important in correcting the mood and improving the appetite, because it has a slightly bitter taste. Diseases that produce excess mucus can be easily treated with this herb. Migraine, mood swings, and anemia are among the first diseases for which the Yarrow has an unusual healing property. Then it helps in the treatment of diseases of the stomach, intestines and hemorrhoids, improves the work of the liver and thus cleanses and detoxifies the whole organism. It has been used since ancient times in diseases of the circulation and problems with blood vessels.


Rosemary is an aromatic herb, which is often found in near by area. It is used for general toning, because it is extremely rich in calcium, iron and potassium. This herb improves appetite, improves blood count because these trace elements are in a great ratio for just that. By improving the work of the stomach, it immediately overcomes the feeling of fear. It is recommended to be used to increase concentration and in diseases of the brain, and is especially effective in improving the general circulation in the body. Rosemary is used to make baths, balms and teas, and it is best to use it in fresh form, with or without flowers, which have a pronounced purple colour. It is rich in essential oils, camphor and vitamin C, and also helps in impotence, anxiety, depression, vision problems, menstrual cramps and respiratory diseases.

St. John’s Wort

This herb is one of the most famous and commonly used in near by areas and has yellow flowers, and when its stem is cut, it secretes reddish juice, which helps the most in wound healing. Of course it has many other healing properties, among which are the changeable moods, ie. depression, especially in postmenopausal women, then improving the work of the stomach and the entire digestive system, lowering blood pressure, heart disease, improving the condition of the skin and many other healing properties. It is used as a tea or in the form of oil. This common herb is harvested from May to August and is rich in iron, essential oils, carotene, choline and vitamin C.

So why not go out in nature and take a walk on the hills and mountains, where you will meet the rich herbal world and you will discover many different types of teas. Of course it is good to know their appearance and when it is best to gather. The highest concentration of essential oils in herbs is during the noon, so try to explore this area at least some weekend.

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