New Moon in Scorpio, Solar Eclipse — Partial

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10 min readOct 19, 2022

Irena Tancheva

October 25, 2022 — Tuesday, at 12:49 PM
New Moon and Solar Eclipse ( Partial ) in Scorpio

Time Zone — Central European Time

The next New Moon takes place in the sign of intense, mysterious and passionate Scorpio, and is significant in that it will also be a Solar Eclipse — Partial, culminating in a Total Lunar Eclipse during the Full Moon in the sign of pragmatic and stable Taurus on 8 November 2022.

The Solar Eclipse is a phenomenon that occurs only during the New Moon, that is, when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, which completely or partially casts a shadow on the Earth, and the lunation is a Lunar Month lasting 28–29 days or more precisely 29 1 /3 days — starting from one New Moon to the very next New Moon. More specifically, the average lunar month lasts 29.530575 days or 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 2 seconds, and the New Moon is a cycle that helps us renew our emotional reserves, restore physical strength and start with a new zeal towards the desired destination in life. This Solar Eclipse will be visible in the Middle East, North-East Africa, Western Asia, the North Atlantic Ocean, Western China, India and its neighbouring countries, including the North Indian Ocean.

For this lunation we can say that it is a fortunate circumstance that Mercury is out of its shadow phase and Saturn is stationary direct in Aquarius on October 23, so in that sense we will feel relief in terms of daily obligations, communication and responsibility that we have towards ourselves and society. On the same day, Venus enters Scorpio at 6:52 AM, a sign where is in its detriment and where it will remain until November 16; then the Sun enters Scorpio at 12:35 PM, where it will remain until November 22; Juno, the asteroid associated with love and marriage, stations direct in Pisces at 3:05 PM, from where it yearns for ideal romantic love, and the next day, October 24, at 4:47 AM True Node makes a semi-sextile to Chiron Rx in Aries, an aspect that deepens intuition, giving compassion and understanding without judgement.

Saturn in direct motion is still square to Uranus Rx in Taurus, an aspect that puts us in situations to make difficult and serious decisions between contrasting and conflicting situations, which require us to adapt or seek compromise especially with authority figures, who which at the collective level are reflected as a need for the implementation of urgent socio-economic changes. Out with the old, in with the new! Outdated models are replaced with advanced models, all in order to function better and strengthen our energy so that we can better engage in our life purpose and act in the world as a complete and healthy being of light, which we are at our core.

The changes in question will be slow, since these planets are in slow transit in the fixed signs — Taurus and Aquarius — which themselves have no tendency to change. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Scorpio will emphasize this quality even more and involve all the fixed signs in a state of mobilization — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius — no matter how painful it may seem. Through difficult conditions, isolation, or a sense of punishment, we learn to face our fate and confront feelings of helplessness and resignation.

This New Moon is conjunct Venus and Mercury in Libra. The Sun, Moon and Mercury are trine Mars and square Pluto, while Venus is only square Pluto. In short, this situation indicates a possible feeling of betrayal, pain, hard lessons or the loss of a loved one. Suffering does not seem to have an end or a higher function, yet it also serves as a catalyst for change and growth. Many times in life we face unwanted changes or difficulties that require stoicism and a degree of detachment, after which we come to cathartic change and healing. New resolutions and reconciliation. A complete transformation. So remember that … everyone cries sometimes and everybody hurts … there are higher reasons for that, karmic lessons that then point us towards a deeper transformation and advancement of the soul.

The Sun, the Moon and Venus trine Lilith in Cancer is an aspect that encourages bold, even foolish action, but knowing that without risk there is no success, each of us will attempt some noble goal that promises glory. Lilith in Cancer is sensitive, vulnerable and likes to help loved ones by giving them a base for further development.

Again the Sun, the Moon and Venus in trine to Juno in Pisces is an aspect that will help in delegating marital responsibilities, as there is a need to handle multiple tasks, and the trine to Astraea in Pisces offers a kaleidoscope of opportunities from which is difficult to decide, while it is good to ask if our spirit is mature enough to embrace all these possibilities. What is good to give up and what is good to accept?

The Sun, the Moon and Venus are quincunx to Jupiter, an aspect which suggests that because of the great desire to progress we could make mistakes or due to too much enthusiasm or too much apathy.

Mercury in Libra is a good helper who seeks objective and peaceful solutions — an excellent communicator, tactful and with considerable social finesse, who seeks harmony or at least peaceful coexistence between people.

Mercury trine Mars is an aspect that supports direct communication and quick grasp of new ideas, and Mercury trine Saturn is an aspect that supports mature thinking, careful planning, learning and gives a good sense of tact. Mercury square Pluto gives good psychological insights into the motivations of others, so you’ll find that you understand what’s going on around you at a glance, even without a single word being spoken. This is not a good aspect when it comes to making compromises and a tendency towards intellectual arrogance should be guarded against.

Mercury quincunx Neptune Rx is an aspect that requires us to believe in the power of prayer, of dreams and visions, of a sense of purpose, vitality, and the most beautiful dreams of reality. On October 29 at 6:22 PM, Mercury enters Scorpio where it will remain until November 17.

Venus in Scorpio eliminates all that is unnecessary, requires facing reality and transforms illusion. Often jealous and possessive, suspicious and mysterious, this Venus has intense needs — emotional and sexual — through which it finds a way to regenerate its strength and vitality. Hence Venus directs us to ask ourselves what is our passion, desire or fever that keeps us awake at night, preventing us from falling asleep. Is it a love fever, a creative infatuation, a penchant for pleasure — healthy or unhealthy — a need for protection, some promise, money, elections, some stolen heart…?

Mars in Gemini is energy translated into words, a dynamic that is scattered in all directions, active and restless, changeable and with a great love for mental challenges. However, Mars square Neptune Rx is an aspect that blurs the line with reality and serves only to pursue its own interests… Doors are locked…Blinds drawn…Lights low…Flames high… Sometimes you might have the feeling that everything around you is unreal, surreal, dimensions are melting, boundaries are being erased, you are thinking or feeling…my body is walking in space, my soul is in orbit, with God, face to face … floating, flipping, flying, tripping… tripping from Heartsville to Starlight, tripping from Starlight to Moonville …All clouds are cumulus, walking in space, oh my God, your skin is soft, I love your face… How dare they try to end this beauty? … How dare they try to end this beauty…?…

Mars square Jupiter Rx gives a desire to advance and succeed in a big way, so you’re very likely to be faced with bold statements — yours and others’ — that you’re going to make drastic changes, now and immediately, but you know that the time to act isn’t quite right yet now. These are some urgent impulses that can cause additional nervousness and tension.

Mars quincunx Pluto can cause rivalry, especially between fellow co-workers, so it will be necessary to find a middle ground and find a way to relax the tense situation.

Mars stations retrograde on October 30, which will last until January 12, 2023. This is a period when you should be careful about what and how you speak, because Gemini is one of the most expressive signs. This is a time when there can be a breakdown in communication, false narratives, blame shifting, deliberate twisting of the truth, lies, confusion, depression, and verbal or passive aggression. All this will be felt the most by the mutable signs — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces — who will have to be careful not to be manipulated or not to manipulate someone themselves.

Jupiter is retrograde in Aries, from where it encourages independent actions, new initiatives, efforts and bold solutions. On October 28, it will briefly enter Pisces, which will help the mutable signs to realize their previously unfulfilled desires. Jupiter Rx sextile Pluto is an aspect that gives us chances to handle power responsibly, driven by the desire to improve ourselves and the conditions of those around us.

Saturn is a cold planet that embodies a conservative view of the world, based on practical considerations and caution, averse to taking risks and everything born from it, returns to it again. That is why Saturn is said to eat his own children. This planet is considered a guardian of the threshold that does not let anyone cross into the higher worlds if they are not ready for it. Uranus manifests as a youthful, fickle, intellectual, impulsive, innovative spirit of independence and rebellion, which fiercely defends itself against any limitation of its freedom and self-determination — completely different from Saturn! This planet is mystical, cold and barren. Uranus is a principle that works to awaken cosmic consciousness. Because of its youthful, eccentric and radical tendencies, despite being democratically inclined, Uranus has a tendency to become a dangerous autocrat, especially on an ideological level. This is reflected in cyber and personal clashes between conflicting belief systems and even alternative versions of reality, as the eccentric side of Uranus introduces a rather irrational element to this whole mix. These two planets in a long-lasting square emphasize the feeling of inadequacy, and are like two guardians of the gates that lead to further spheres. If the tension of this square is overcome, it is possible to progress further and in a practical way, mostly in large organizations.

Neptune is still retrograde in Pisces, sextile to Pluto, an aspect that gives tremendous power for spiritual awakening and transformation. These are the two slowest planets in the Solar System and this aspect is active from 1945 to 2035, the main effect being a mass awakening of spiritual awareness and development, mostly through interest in metaphysical topics, clairvoyance and psychic research. Therefore you will conclude that generationally we are very lucky to be born during this sextile and we all have similar aspirations as well as the opportunity to cross the threshold to higher realms of existence.

Pluto as the ruling planet of Scorpio is in direct motion in Capricorn, which will encourage a series of profound changes and transformation in world governments, as well as smaller organized structures bringing the dirt to the surface in order to build more permanent and durable models.

Sex, death and transformation. Desire, passion and manifestation. Transition, transmigration, transmutation. You may feel that you are destroyed, with last strength, your foundations of reality and security are crumbling down and you have to act somehow, not because you want to, but because you have no choice, but these changes are both necessary and incredibly important, because from the rubble of what is left you will emerge stronger and available for new experiences.

This New Moon occurs at 2 Scorpio 00' and the Sabian symbol for this degree is named — House Raising Party In A Small Village Enlists The Neighbours Cooperation. In addition to the obvious symbolism, this degree speaks of the investment of joint forces in some specific joint effort. According to Dane Rudhyar, this is a degree that encourages cooperation, friendly assistance, collective living and good neighbourly relations.

Since it is a Solar Eclipse, all the flaws, that is, incorrect coexistence will come to light and everything that people would like to hide will be revealed through an expanded social awareness. What we call dark secrets or forces will be exposed. Of course, all this depends on the awareness of the individual, who can contribute to a better life or do more damage to the common life. We are all here at a different level of development — emotional, economic and social— so whether we achieve the ideal or at least the best version of living together depends on the development of each individual. This is why this New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is primarily associated with healing and regeneration.

This is a time for help, for researching possibilities, for understanding the collective, for creating a better future through joint efforts, through which we can determine where we have reached with our personal development, and thus we will understand what place we have in the world in a way through self-evaluation. The best results of humanity come through mutual cooperation, which further brings stability.

Our thought patterns affect our feelings and then our reality. What we invest — whether it’s love, fear, empathy, or grief — holds an incredible amount of power to shape and influence our reality. When the focus of our attention and intention is love and compassion, we recognize no separation between ourselves and others.

Having in mind the fact that the heart is a giver (discharger of electrical energy) and receiver (pulling in of magnetic energy), you will feel best if you take care of the steady flow in the heart area. Breathe deeply and exhale. Follow the steady rhythm of your breath and heart. The breath is the crossover between Spirit and physical reality. At our core and essence we exist as pure unconditional love, revealing empathy and care for others. Sometimes we forget this truth or act as if we have. Compassion is the embodiment of emotional maturity and the key to a better understanding of our humanity.

By respecting this truth we will avoid many traps of illusion, we will gain better insights, deeper intuition and a clearer sense of self. So don’t wander too far from your sacred centre. Cultivating genuine connection is not difficult, and appreciating the wisdom that resides within us can help us trust ourselves more, and thus others. Coincidences named synchronicities are indicators of such moments in our life.

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