New Moon In Virgo

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September 15, 2023 — Friday,
New Moon in Virgo,
at 3:40 AM,

Central European Time

The next New Moon will occur in the analytical, sensible and meticulous Virgo, an earth sign with a mutable quality. With Virgo, the annual cycle of the earth element is at its peak. Symbol of harvest, work, manual dexterity and excessive conscientiousness. In Egypt, Virgo was the sign of Isis, and in ancient Greece it was identified with the goddess Demeter. In the Zodiac, Virgo belongs to the sixth place, so it has a part in the symbolism of the number 6 of Solomon’s seal, and it combines the properties of fire and water, so it symbolizes the consciousness that arises from the confusion of the birth of the spirit.

Mercury is the ruler of this sign whose motto is ``I analyze’’, and grain appears as a symbol of Virgo. This is a sign with a developed sense of detail, so people born in this sign have a strong power of reasoning, as well as a tendency to achieve the ideal. Virgo is associated with the digestion and assimilation of both ideas and food, but also with purification, sense of order, economy, pedagogy and of course administration. By nature reserved and shy, rarely spontaneous and often quite petty, Virgo is a sign that is hypersensitive to criticism, harsh words, dirt and instinctive reactions. Hence, people born under this sign prefer to be alone, rather than in the company of too many noisy people and people who have light, fun conversations.

It is briefly about the astrosymbolism of the third summer sign, a sign related to the practicalities of life — food, shelter, daily habits, work and health.

The New Moon is a cycle that occurs every month for about 29.5 days, when the Moon makes a conjunction with the Sun and thus begins a new emotional cycle for each one of us. The life juices are awakened, passion, excitement and devotion grow and the desire to manifest the visions in a concrete form arises again. That is why we say that the New Moon is an excellent period of 24 hours in which it is good to start something, to set new intentions and goals, because their realization takes place more easily, from this day and during the next two weeks until the Full Moon .

This NEW MOON in VIRGO is in a trine to JUPITER Rx and URANUS Rx in TAURUS, in opposition to NEPTUNE Rx in PISCES, and in a wide trine to PLUTO Rx. PLUTO Rx is in trine to URANUS Rx and in sextile with NEPTUNE Rx. Hence this New Moon has a strong earth energy that portrays the need to be an observer, to see the big picture and not take things too personally.

New Moon trine Jupiter Rx or Sun conjunction Moon trine Jupiter Rx is an indicator of positive developments, although this trine is wide, but everything that touches Jupiter always has a positive connotation. In this case it is a question of coherent use of your own skills: aware that you have a lot of them, but you never got the opportunity to use them in combination. This is an aspect that will help you focus what you have learned, apply it wisely and realize your goals.

New Moon trine Uranus Rx indicates the need for originality, creating a new identity, reinventing oneself and new forms of expression of personal qualities in order to achieve the best results.

New Moon opposition Neptune Rx is an aspect that will connect you with unusual people: spiritual persons, mentors or artists, but in a negative sense it can lead to a conflict with reality and a vague sense of identity. Hence it is required to study the facts well, not to make important decisions before the situation has been well investigated and to observe the inner world more. This is an aspect that indicates confusion, but also reduced immunity.

Sun trine Pluto Rx emphasizes the desire for personal power, determination and future planning through the urge to leave the comfort zone, as well as the drive to transform in order to take on new identities or leadership roles. Uncovering secrets and new discoveries. Self-knowledge.

Moon trine Pluto Rx is an aspect that emphasizes obsessive emotions, as well as the need to understand complicated and intense instincts. Therefore, it will be best to find solutions taking into account the emotional well-being of those close to you.

Uranus Rx trine Pluto Rx indicates an urgent and deep need to eliminate the unnecessary and improve all future advanced ideas. Neptune Rx sextile Pluto Rx is a call for spiritual awakening, inspiration and hope.

Saturn Rx is semisquare Chiron Rx and in trine to Vesta: the first aspect is an incentive to use willpower and perseverance even when the daily chores seem too difficult; the second aspect portrays a leader archetype, someone who can build a team or a strong family community.

Neptune Rx is in a prolonged square to the Galactic Center indicating that something transformative is happening within all of us: all that friction, irritation and resentment; tears, waves and purification; strange energy bursts and growing pains; victim mentality, identifying with your wounds and then letting go of them.

The North Node representing collective karma conjuncts Eris Rx, the archetype of the fearless, honest and direct woman who speaks and acts in the service of truth asks us all to clarify things: talk about everything you plan to do, make concrete projects, create and sculpt your ideas and emotions.

All this is the source of a Secret Knowledge, which gives the qualities of patience and perseverance. Of course you need to know your birth chart to know how all these aspects and phenomena will be reflected in your personal life and sector of action.

This New Moon occurs on 21 Virgo 59', and the Sabian symbol for this degree is called — ROYAL COAT OF ARMS ENRICHED WITH PRECIOUS STONES. Dane Rudhyar says of this symbol that as a key phrase occurs: The certification of aristocratic status, at whatever level “nobility” expresses itself in cultural eminence.

Once more a reference to ancestral achievements occurs among these symbols for the sign Virgo. It is seen here in its most exalted character, for “royalty” is spoken of. Traditionally the king is the spiritual symbol of unity of an integrated nation; as a coat of arms is visualized, we are dealing with a status that is not merely personally acquired but has its roots in a notable past. Every great Adept has come out of a line of human beings who have made their marks upon human evolution. Spiritual attainment is the result of a series of long, repeated efforts; it is the end of a “royal road,” (raja yoga) in the broadest sense of the term, raja, meaning king.

This second stage symbol contrasts with that of the first in that it refers to heredity rather than to the training of youthful raw material. Gautama the Buddha was known occultly as “He who comes after his predecessors.” The coat of arms represents the collective status, the Spiritual Office. Whoever wears it assumes the responsibility of an Office. As the French say, “Noblesse oblige.” NOBILITY confers upon a man exacting responsibility. The question implied in the symbol is, Are you willing, able and ready to assume a “royal” office, at whatever level it may be?

At 10:21 PM — Mercury is stationary Direct at 8 Virgo 00'D, and the Sabian symbol for this degree is called — Expressionist painter at work, which speaks of having a sense of making a futuristic drawing or construction and knowing how to emphasize noble features and characteristics of a leader or idea. If the future looks bleak, stay in the present. It turns out that the future is to be found in the moment, so be careful what future you project.

How will this NEW MOON in VIRGO affect you on a personal level? In what sector of life will you need to put in extra effort and focus to get out of the dark and murky waters to the surface and the light? How to get the desired clarity and how to use creative power, intuition and empathy?

Get out of your routine for a bit. Make an effort to understand your birth chart. Make astrology your love or hobby.

You can achieve this by taking the time to decide what your goal is, plan how to achieve it, create a schedule to stick to, and then focus! You will find yourself becoming stronger and more grounded as you go straight for what you really want in life.

Irena Tancheva

Reference> Dane Rudhyar, Sabian Symbols



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