November 12 and 13, 2022 — Saturday and Sunday

Irena Tančeva
2 min readNov 12, 2022

12 and 13 November 2022 — Saturday and Sunday,
(November 12–14), 01:22 AM,

Central European Time

Saturday — The MOON in CANCER heralds a sentimental tone for this weekend: a warm and compassionate energy with a very watery quality to it, in terms of fog, tears or rain. Spring water or lake water: enchanted lake. Emotions vary like a wave that keeps coming and splashing in all directions, only to retreat and do the same thing again. The sentiments are related to the mother, the place of birth, the home where we grew up and the country in which we live, so there can arise a sense of enhanced patriotism or the need to protect these very values.

MERCURY trine NEPTUNE Rx is an aspect that will aid creative expression, emphasize a talent for wordplay, and increase interest in spiritual disciplines and metaphysics. In addition to the spiritual sciences, this aspect will awaken interest in related disciplines such as astrology and tarot, so this is a great day to consult masters in these fields, because the advice you will receive is worth as raw gold.

Sunday — VENUS sextile PLUTO is an aspect that deepens intimacy in love relationships, gives powerful creativity and strength to overcome fear, thereby strengthening inner strength and determination. Possible encounters with charismatic personalities.

MARS sextile ERIS Rx, MERCURY quincunx MARS Rx, MERCURY quincunx ERIS Rx and the Yod aspect is activated again: a part of us is awakening and seeking new ways of expression. Life may seem blocked, boring or limited, yet the thought of change introduces anxiety and unpredictability. Restlessness can be unsettling, but it is also the catalyst needed to overcome limitation. Watch your speech and consciously avoid confrontations. That way you will get rid of anger and disappointment. Simply climb to the higher floors of your skyscraper.

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