November 19 and 20, 2022 — Saturday and Sunday

Irena Tančeva
2 min readNov 19, 2022

November 19 and 20, 2022 — Saturday and Sunday,
(November 19–21), 11:57 AM,

Central European Time

Saturday — MOON sextile SUN is a fortunate circumstance that will help to deal more rationally with the mysterious circumstances of a specific situation, an aspect that will reduce the unfavourable influence of the square MARS Rx/NEPTUNE Rx. This is a messenger of strong principles that is bringing news we want to hear and will help us make new plans that we will follow with enthusiasm.

The transit of the MOON in LIBRA is an incentive to appreciate more beauty, aesthetics, sophistication, diplomacy and finding the right balance in every situation.

MARS Rx square NEPTUNE Rx encourages a strong urge to escape from the dull everyday life by using our imagination or devoting ourselves to some long-cherished vision. However, this is an aspect that can deepen the drive for escapism through the use of alcohol and drugs, so beware of this tendency. Allergic reactions to certain medicines or foods are possible.

Sunday — The shallowness of the illusions of the square MARS Rx/NEPTUNE Rx is broken by the beautiful trine of the SUN and JUPITER Rx: life presents seemingly fabulous options from which to choose carefully. Aspirations grow, as does the confidence that we will attract success and good allies. JUPITER Rx is almost motionless before moving into direct phase on November 24, so with this beautiful influence we will enter the new working week.

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