September 11–17, 2023 — Weekly trends

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Weekly Trends, September 11–17, 2023,
September 11, 2023 — Monday,

Central European Time

13 September
- 6:35 PM — Pallas enters Libra;
September 14
- 1:22 AM — Vesta enters Cancer;
15 September
- 3:40 AM — New Moon in Virgo — 21 Virgo 59';
- 2:47 PM — Ceres enters Scorpio;
- 10:21 PM — Mercury Direct — 8 Virgo 00'D;
September 17
6:09 AM — Venus square Jupiter Rx.

September 13–7:18 AM — Moon enters Virgo;
September 15–7:44 PM — Moon enters Libra.

The warm, loyal and generous Moon in Leo is setting the stage for the manifestation of creative forces, artistry and the expression of talents as this week begins. The Sun in Virgo will show us which structures are properly built — which will stand the test of time and which will remain rubble and ashes: society is built in such a way and with a forbidding design that it not only protects its inhabitants, but it effectively traps them in their own creation.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, the planet associated with thought processes, learning and communication is stationary Direct on September 15, at 8 Virgo 00'D. This is a moment when we can stop and congratulate ourselves — we survived!!! The traumas of not having adequate information, delays, too much city noise, bad traffic, incorrect understanding between people, but also problems with electronic devices and technology will decrease and communication will become more precise. Of course, this also requires time for Mercury to leave the Retrograde Zone, and this will linger until September 30. The Sabian symbol for this degree is called — Expressionist painter at work, and it speaks of having a feeling for making a futuristic drawing or construction and knowing how to emphasize the noble traits and characteristics of a leader or an idea. If the future looks bleak, stay in the present. It turns out that the future is to be found in the moment, so be careful what future you project.

Mutable signs — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces — will experience great relief. Of course, the rest also, each in their own sector of activity depending on the natal horoscopes. Earth signs — Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn — will achieve the desired balance.

Venus in Leo gives you the opportunity to show what you are capable of. The audience is growing, and you are free enough to show all your beauty. Dance, be free and express your talents. It’s time to show what you can do.

Mars in Libra calls for cooperation and diplomatic resolution of matters, as well as harmonizing desires and needs with others. What can we do together? How can we avoid fanaticism and achieve a moderate, balanced approach to community living? How can we cultivate ourselves as a society?

Jupiter is Retrograde in Taurus, like a butterfly in flight that lands neither here nor there; Saturn is Retrograde in Pisces and requires us to deal with some kind of mess in order to benefit later; Uranus is Retrograde in Taurus in sextile to Neptune Retrograde in Pisces, and this causes irritation, and changeable conditions; Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn is in sextile to Neptune Rx, an aspect that teaches us the process of alchemy and transmutation — an experience that is initially unpleasant and then transformed into something precious and valuable.

The surge of new emotional energy is brought by the New Moon in Virgo on September 15, at 03:40 am, on 21 Virgo 59'. This New Moon in Virgo is in trine to Uranus Rx in Taurus and opposition to Neptune Rx in Pisces. The opposition of the Moon and Neptune becomes exact on the same day, and the opposition of the Sun and Neptune will be exact on September 19. The New Moon will direct our focus to the poorest and the weakest. Echoing the theme of the previous days, it may now be about a more equitable distribution of wealth. This is not a push to pursue some specific aspirations, but a quest to change the world by taking into account the ideas of others and accepting help when necessary. A world of destruction needs visionaries, natural born leaders and honest entrepreneurs — New Moon trine Uranus Rx.

Pallas Athena, the asteroid whose archetype portrays our creative intelligence, original thinking and gift for strategy, enters Libra on September 13th, where it will remain until November 19th. This is an excellent time to bring opposing parties to an agreement. A sense of diplomacy and justice is emphasized.

Vesta, the asteroid whose archetype represents the need for dedication to work, home and close relationships, enters Cancer on September 14th, where it will remain until November 8th. This is an excellent period for deepening intimacy in the family and with loved ones, especially when they will need you. Vulnerable points are becoming more pronounced now.

Ceres, the asteroid whose archetype represents nurturing and the mother-child relationship, the way we nurture others and want to be nurtured, will enter Scorpio on September 15th, where it will remain until November 25th. During this period, there will be an intense need for attention and strong emotional bonds will be formed.

This is a great week for healing, especially in the area of communication and energy balance due to the effort put into getting along with others properly. Hard words and sadness made you stronger. Rise up and go forth and conquer.


Monday — September 11
7:21 AM — Mercury Rx semisextile Mars: Time for introspection, honest communication and healing.
10:40 PM Sun quincunx Chiron Rx: Things are not black and white: if you want to get where you set out to go, curb your ego impulses, control yourself and master yourself. With careful practice and self-discipline, you will succeed in reaching the desired place.

Tuesday — September 12
No major aspects

Wednesday — September 13
7:02 AM — Pallas square Vesta: How to divide the pomegranate, that fruit that has many seeds? The two Goddesses come to a disconnection, the inner voice is not working and it is a call to meditation. What are your subconscious needs?
6:35 PM — Pallas enters Libra: Divine wisdom, feminine mysteries and intuitive knowledge.

Thursday — September 14
1:22 AM — Vesta enters Cancer: Time to surrender to your situation. Have faith in your instincts. Discuss prices.
2:15 PM — Jupiter Rx sesquisquare Pallas: It is quite likely that you will acquire brilliant ideas about current situations that you will need to solve with logic, calmness and without manipulating those close to you.

Friday — September 15
2:02 AM — Juno sesquisquare Vesta: It is possible to feel trapped in intimate relationships, certain fixations and obstacles.
3:40 AM — New Moon in Virgo — 21 Virgo 59': Innocent pleasures, youthful infatuation and fun. Think back to when you first encountered beauty and how you were able to recognize beauty in so many people, places and things. Childlike simplicity.
6:47 AM — Jupiter Rx square Juno: The commodity you feel is illusory. Prepare for changes. Save.
10:18 AM — Jupiter R sesquisquare Vesta: The need for knowledge and the search for logical solutions will bring you new insights. Get rid of circular arguments. Aim for mature solutions.
2:47 PM — Ceres enters Scorpio: It’s time to face your animal instincts. Shadow work. Profound and creative insights.
10:21 PM — Mercury Direct — 8 Virgo 00'D: Brilliance, knowledge and realization. Commercial projects, increased material wealth and improved health.

Saturday — September 16
1:23 AM — Sun trine Uranus Rx: Eureka! New creative power, inspiration, beginnings and discoveries. If you didn’t believe in higher powers and Divine Engineering before, you will change your mind today.

Sunday — September 17
6:09 AM — Venus square Jupiter Rx: the tendency to extravagance is emphasized, as well as the need to have fun no matter what. Like tomorrow will never come. Jupiter is exaggeration and Venus emphasizes a feeling of need. This should be a joyful liturgy, not a punishment. Abundance comes from the Conscious Universe — the source of supply.

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