September 18–24, 2023 — Weekly trends

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Weekly Trends, September 18–24, 2023,
September 18, 2023 — Monday,

Central European Time

September 19
- 11:17 AM — Sun opposition Neptune;
September 21
- 7:15 AM — Sun trine Pluto;
September 22
- 9:32 PM — First Quarter Moon, 29 Sagittarius 32';
23 September
- 08:14 AM — Venus trine Chiron;
- 08:50 AM — Sun enters Libra, 00 Libra 00' — Autumn Equinox;
24 September
- 8:06 PM — Mars opposition Chiron.

September 18–6:58 AM — Moon enters Scorpio;
September 20–4:06 PM — Moon enters Sagittarius;
September 22–10:20 PM — Moon enters Capricorn.

Before moving into intense and emotionally complex Scorpio, the Moon in Libra will aspect Pluto Rx in Capricorn with a square, known as the Lord of the Underworld, a moment that will make the morning dramatic, with potential anxiety and impending accidents. That which is toxic cannot reign forever, so hence the collapse of old ideals and destruction can occur. Of course, the most important thing is the way we react to these situations and our response to what constitutes stress.

The Moon in Scorpio will make a conjunction with Ceres and a great water trine to Saturn Rx in Pisces and Astraea and Vesta in Cancer. The first aspect emphasizes a sense of understanding the life cycles as well as the undercurrents between women’s relationships; Moon trine Saturn Rx is an aspect that increases self-confidence especially when laying solid foundations for achieving ambitions; Moon trine Vesta portrays rituals for achieving well-being, especially in the area of the home, then loyalty, good health habits, food and good quality time with loved ones; Moon trine Astraea will emphasize personal passions to achieve diplomacy, social work and law through daily interaction with loved ones.

This combination at the very beginning of the work week speaks to the tendency to take on too many responsibilities, work hard, juggle so many things and put others first that you may not remember to take care of yourself . The time we live in makes a person 97% stress and 3% human. That means you could find yourself burned out right now. The world will continue to spin without you, so find time, lots of love and tenderness for yourself, for a good book, relaxation, fun and of course for quality time with your nearest and dearest.

Of course, the most important event this week is the beginning of Autumn. On September 23 at 8:50 AM, the Sun enters Libra, marking this year’s autumnal equinox. The equinox ushers in a new cardinal season, and since Libra is a sign under which dominion are relationships, this quarter is a good time to think about the importance of loved ones and creating new relationships. With Venus now direct and visible in the morning sky, our desire for connections and relationships is strengthened, but so is our vulnerability around relationships.

Now is the ideal time to initiate diplomatic solutions. Mars, the archetypal warrior, feels drained and tired in Libra, and this presents an opportunity to negotiate old conflicts as well. Some powerful women may feel called to take the lead now — Venus trine Chiron Rx. Venus influences Chiron energetically in a way that encourages him to move forward, but Chiron is retrograde and the Wounded Healer can find himself in a trap filled with restlessness and anxiety. We need to get rid of negative influences or people in order to create future creative endeavours.

This is the time when not only do temperatures drop, but plant life slows down, and so do we. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, when the Sun crosses the equator from north to south, this marks the autumnal equinox; when it passes from south to north, this marks the vernal equinox. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is the other way around.

After the autumnal equinox, the days become shorter than the nights as the Sun continues to rise later and night falls earlier. This ends with the winter solstice, after which the days begin to grow again.

The word “equinox” comes from the Latin aequus, meaning “equal,” and nox, “night.” At the equinox, day and night are approximately equal in length.


Monday — September 18
4:48 AM — Ceres trine Vesta: Curiosity, decisive action and strong energy to tackle challenges. The need to set strong principles, boundaries and morals when it comes to caring for loved ones.
1:03 PM — Saturn Rx quincunx Pallas: Setting a fine line between luxury and avarice; the need for protection and strategic spending of wealth — personal and collective. Selfishness can no longer be tolerated. Alienation from former allies.

Tuesday — September 19
11:17 AM — Sun opposition Neptune Rx: Artistic endeavours, realized projects and dreams. Dedication to some social work or socially beneficial purpose. Balance between personal and collective goals. Developing psychic talents and abilities.
4:26 PM — Venus sesquisquare Vesta: Stagnation or energy blockage; depression or separation. Fighting the currents of the inner life force seems to strengthen the ego briefly, but in reality we are only hurting ourselves.
10:47 PM — Mars quincunx Jupiter Rx: New paradigm, global awareness, transmutation and altruism: A new direction is needed in work, love life or the entire web of all your relationships. Be encouraged to explore the unknown. Forget the past: thank it, bless it and don’t drag it behind you like an unnecessary weight.

Wednesday — September 20
6:00 AM — Moon opposition Pleiades,
8:57 AM — Moon opposition Algol: These two oppositions portray some kind of frustration, sudden events, shock or alarming situations. Yes, it is good to recognize all varieties of feelings, but they should not take over;
2:32 PM — Saturn Rx trine Ceres: In all the confusion this is a great aspect that gives inner and outer abundance. With the dawning of a new awareness, everything changes inside and out. The vibrations of the coming age are touching you, changing your mindset and outlook, releasing your outdated thought processes and attachment to rigid structures;
5:01 PM — Moon in Sagittarius opposition Sedna Rx: The opposition to Sedna, the mythical Goddess of the Arctic and the deep waters, a planet that resides outside the Kuiper belt, emphasizes that we need to return to reality and find peaceful solutions. Sedna represents the archetype of the daughter of a man who cared for her but who eventually abandoned her. Outbursts of anger, childish reactions or sadness are therefore possible, so embrace and nurture your emotions. Talk to others to understand yourself. Value personal and collective goals.

Thursday — September 21
5:21 AM — Sun trine Pluto Rx: Removal of old concepts, ideas and concerns; release from restrictions: the walls are breaking down inwardly and outwardly. Fear of uncontrollable power, but in reality chaos is the raw material of transformation.
10:05 AM — Moon conjunct Antares: Interest in philosophy arises, special thinking to understand the duality of the world, research in the occult sciences, high performance in the martial and sports fields, as well as changing religious opinions and affiliations.
9:08 PM — Juno trine Chiron Rx: Finding ways to deal with wounded parts; intuition and finding the feminine component, love for humanity, clairvoyance and prophecy. The sacred comes from that which is healed and wholeness is gained through healing. It is whole when there is everything.
10:03 PM — Saturn Rx trine Vesta: An excellent moment for relaxation and removal of mental and emotional tensions. Clearing emotional baggage with friends and loved ones. Achieving inner balance will help you enjoy life more. Where are better boundaries needed?

Friday — September 22
3:22 PM — Mars sesquisquare Saturn Rx: Unnecessary self-sacrifice. Caring for others and society requires tremendous strength and foresight, but finding a healthy balance is essential. If you collapse you can no longer help anyone. An important task is to find the moment of rest within yourself. The human body has its limitations: respect them to have all the strength in the world you need.
9:32 PM — First Quarter Moon, 29 Sagittarius 32': A moment to stop and ask how much we love and respect the natural world.

Saturday — September 23
6:48 AM — Sun sesquisquare Jupiter Rx: Changing behavioural patterns, survival fears, discouragement and collapse of illusions. The Law of Attraction says that if you wallow in negativity long enough, it won’t be a surprise if you attract the very thing you fear the most.
8:17 AM — Venus trine Chiron Rx: Huge healing potential arises in love relationships: you are given opportunities to transform losses and feelings of inadequacy because of the love and affirmation you find in relationships with loved ones now. A crucial period for establishing karmic connections with soul mates and significant people in life.
8:50 AM — Sun enters Libra, 00 Libra 00' — Autumn Equinox: Life happens in cycles. Autumn weaves beautiful colours from plants that withdraw their juices to bloom again in spring. Understanding these cycles is an endless source of wisdom. Decoding and activating this entire spectrum of insights creates a rainbow of possibilities. Activate your potentials.
11:15 PM — Mercury sesquisquare Pluto Rx: Purification through meditation. The sacred geometry is drawn with golden spiral hearts asking to be purified and forgiven. To radiate Universal Love. To burn away feelings of guilt, anguish and confusion.

Sunday — September 24
8:06 PM — Mars opposition Chiron Rx: Contrasting insights into one’s past, present and future. Depending on your natal charts, you could experience healing and a greater level of clarity as you are encouraged to open your eyes. If you feel stuck between two opposing forces, open yourself up emotionally and intellectually. Find your healing ground diplomatically.

These are general influences for the current week. You may want to find out how this will be reflected in your personal world. Why? Because you have an important life goal. Yes, you have natural talents. You want to educate yourself. Yes, you have artistic affinities and you want to express them. You want to advance financially and understand the stock market better. You need love or long for intimate contacts. Yes, you haven’t had a romance in a long time. You need to understand your own feelings or relationships with your children. You would like to play sports, but you don’t know which type of sport is good for you. You need to change your job. You want to know what skills you can develop in your later years. Maybe you even want to know what type of therapy is best for you or want to hire a private detective? Yes, you can explore all aspects of a particular issue.

What you ask for will be given to you. How? Explore, search, discuss. Discover the hidden factors and let everything unfold naturally. Schedule a consultation:

And always believe in the mystery.

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