September 25 — October 1, 2023 — Weekly Trends

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Weekly Trends, September 25 — October 1, 2023,
September 25 — Monday,

Central European Time

25 September
- 11:15 AM — Sun conjunction Super Galactic Centre
29 September
- 11:57 AM — Full Moon in Aries, 6 Aries 01'

September 25–1:59 AM — Moon enters Aquarius;
September 27–2:18 — AM — Moon enters Pisces;
September 29–2:17 AM — Moon enters Aries;
October 1–3:18 AM — Moon enters Taurus.

This week you will feel that the purple, the crown chakra is open, the highest of all seven chakras. This is an inspiring energy centre located at the top of the head, pointing upwards like the glowing halo of light around the head of the saints. In Sanskrit this chakra is called Sahasrara, its colour is pure purple, its element is thought and the need to know and learn, and in the world of crystals it is associated with amethyst, smoky quartz, clear quartz and howlite. The symbol of this chakra located at the cerebral cortex is the Lotus with a thousand petals with a circle in the centre of the symbol representing the vacuum of space.

How do we know this? What emphasizes the occurrence of this phenomenon? SUN conjunction SUPER GALACTIC CENTER in a beautiful air trine to the MOON in AQUARIUS, is the bearer of changes for the better, incredible experiences and discoveries, encounters and feelings.

This is a humanistically oriented Moon, so it seeks independence and freedom in the society in which we live, tending to awaken considerable social awareness — Sun in Libra — fair and diplomatic solutions, as well as establishing relationships that will bring out the best in us — professional and intimate. Those relationships that cause trauma and do not cause us to grow need to be removed in order to preserve peace.

The earth trine between MECRURY moving directly in the home sign VIRGO and JUPITER Rx in TAURUS emphasizes the need for rationality and not taking on too big goals, but also brings results from invested hard work and dedication.

On the work front, this could suggest that a former skill set or project you were involved with previously, a previous employer or place of work or even old work colleagues and business associates are returning to the scene.

VENUS direct in the shining LEO in sextile to MARS in LIBRA will enable intimate connection between people, conception of new romances or the renewal of old ones, as well as the expression of honest wishes. Balance, harmony and beauty.

MARS, the planet associated with assertiveness, dynamism, focused energy, sexuality, strength and ambition, is in detriment in airy Libra and has a de-placeable, relaxed quality, and has already entered the so-called Fire Path or Via Combusta, the area between 15 Libra and 15 Scorpio in the tropical zodiac. Modern astrologers have speculated that the negative influence of the signs Libra and Scorpio, referred to as the Via Combusta, originated in antiquity when many of the malefic fixed stars were located in those two signs.

A more insightful explanation used by the ancients, regarding the influence of Libra and Scorpio as malefic, is suggested by Al Biruni: Libra is the declination of the Sun while Scorpio is the declination of the Moon. Furthermore, these two signs contain both malefics. Libra is the exaltation of Saturn (the Great Malefic); Scorpio (by classical ruler, contains Mars (the Minor Malefic).

However, due to the precession of the equinoxes, this is no longer the case. Some astrologers may take the Via Combusta into account when assessing the position of the Moon or other transiting or fixed stars, but otherwise modern astrology no longer attaches any meaning to the term. However, it is good to know that Mars in the last degrees of Libra can lead to delays, disappointments, feelings of hopelessness or pessimism.

But precisely because of this type of challenges, new strength and courage can emerge and this can be a super powerful time of the year. Alchemists work with the transits through these degrees and use the energy in a magical way. If you have planets, an Ascendant, or an aspect in Via Combusta, understanding your natal chart will better help you channel this powerful energy in a positive way.

Of course, the main astrological event this week is the FULL MOON in ARIES, which will highlight the polarization because it is happening on the Aries/Libra axis. Dynamic, impatient and passionate, this is a time when great tension can arise due to a one-sided view of things, highlighted by several tense aspects from Pallas Athena in Libra and Vesta in Cancer, all in the cardinal signs. The fixed square between Venus in Leo and Uranus Rx in Taurus will also be active, which will emphasize the independent spirit, the true passion for life with all its potential and will bring new discoveries or ways of expression — a creative spark that comes unexpectedly and ignites everything around you.

This is the week when a wonderful gate opens and you are likely to experience mystical phenomena: these are not mere fragments of your imagination. You are about to witness something very real now, so use your natural and psychic gifts to explore the esoteric realms.


Monday — September 25
3:10 AM — Sun quincunx Saturn Rx: Exhaustion, fatigue and hard work. Tasks are completed, but cracks in trophies are likely.
6:00 AM — Mercury square The Great Attractor: Finding integration with channels that bring fulfilment. You feel a cause is worth investing some time and energy into, something that is important to you and the greater good of society.
11:15 AM — Sun conjuncts Super Galactic Centre: Beginning of a new phase when big cosmic messages are downloaded: the veil is thin and this is an opportunity for increased self-awareness and spiritual growth. A period that heralds greater stability and security in life as we can embrace our light and dark sides.
12:09 PM — Mercury trine Jupiter Rx: Understanding one’s own strength, intellect and will. Setting new goals and plans with confidence in one’s own abilities.

Tuesday — September 26
8:54 AM — Sun square Vesta: Alternative approach — facing certain difficulties emphasizes impatience. However, the faster you act, the more efficiency and enthusiasm you will gain from achieving your goals.

Wednesday — September 27
5:27 PM — Venus conjunction Juno: New phase and new discoveries in specific areas. Creative restlessness, true passion for life and self-confidence.
10:30 PM — Mercury quincunx Chiron Rx: Strong connection to subconscious desires and ability to empathize with others.

Thursday — September 28
10:20 AM — Venus sesquisquare Pallas: Conflict between the desire for pleasures and the need to create a new social strategy. The root of problems or troubles must have a solution. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, try to change the situation.
11:19 PM — Sun semisextile Ceres: Seeking refuge, travel or transition. Rude or clumsy remarks must be changed in order to achieve clarity and happiness.

Friday — September 29
5:35 AM — Moon opposition Super Galactic Centre: Divine cycles, harmony and right action. Discover the entire universe with a unique geometric visualization.
11:57 AM — Full Moon in Aries, 6 Aries 01': Life is rarely predictable, but with an attitude of flexibility and a sense of adventure you will find that new horizons are just around the corner. A sense of hope, wholeness and courage.
2:00 PM — Mercury sequisquare Ceres: Need for greater understanding of the way you relate to family.
5:52 PM — Venus square Uranus Rx: Unexpected stagnation, energy blockage and prolonged inner rigidity. Forget old, burdened ideas about who you should be or how you should feel and live your life.

Saturday — September 30
8:35 AM — Mercury semi-sextile Mars: Manifestation and giving form: from spirit to matter. Laying solid foundations for building something worthwhile on a material level.
10:06 AM — Uranus Rx sesquisquare Pallas: Vitality, transformation, prolonged courage and sense of direction. An opportunity for higher spiritual awakening. Enthusiastic energy.
4:31 PM — Mercury semi-sextile Juno: Just because you haven’t been able to get rid of the repetitive messages in your head and old programs, doesn’t mean you should give up your hopes.
4:55 PM — Mercury trine Uranus Rx: Sudden and new insights. New thought program, mental relaxation and meditation time.
5:53 PM — Uranus Rx square Juno: Holding on to people and things as we have been taught can turn even kings into beggars. Throw away the feelings of scarcity and enjoy yourself.

Sunday — October 1
01:48 AM — Sun sesquisquare Uranus Rx: Strong drive for freedom. A new surge of energy and morning strength already in the early dawn. Enthusiastic convictions.
4:38 AM — Mars quincunx Uranus Rx: Mars as a Spiritual Warrior explores ways to explore one’s own truth. Contemplation of one’s own power and intuitive insights.
8:59 AM — Sun sesquisquare Juno: Wealth knows no bounds: those who do not know how to give without obligation are truly poor, no matter how much they possess.
11:38 AM — Mercury semi-sextile Venus: Strive for security and success, desire for lasting stability, influence through transactions.
4:08 PM — Sun conjunction Pallas: New cycle for creating strategies of existing resources. Love for humanity, accelerated healing processes and familiarity with one’s own spontaneous healing powers.

These are general influences for the current week. You may want to find out how this will be reflected in your personal world. Let the images you see in the sky above and the loving messages you hear gently guide you. If you want to experience the visionary thrill of connecting with the supernatural and the future, release worry and find peace of mind, you can explore all aspects of your specific questions.

Learn more about astrology and how to travel with the influences of the stars dear friends. Schedule a consultation: What is good never comes easily. Yes, you have to have something to believe in, so open your mind.

Release control as you float into a new and altered consciousness and defy the laws of the physical. So many people are striving for this knowledge. You are on your way to achieving what you want. You have to go after what you want. You have to know what you have to stand for.

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