September 4–10, 2023 — Weekly trends

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Weekly Trends, September 4–10, 2023,
September 4, 2023 — Monday,

Central European Time

September 4
- 5:20 AM — Venus Direct — 12 Leo 13'D;
- 6:00 AM — North Node conjuncs Eris Rx trine Galactic Center;
- 4:11 PM — Jupiter Retrograde — 15 Taurus 35'Rx;
September 5
- 11:00 PM — Mercury Rx square the Great Attractor;
September 6–10:36 PM
- Last Quarter Moon — 14 Gemini 04';
7 September
- 3:20 AM — Sun square the Great Attractor.

September 5 — 10:06 PM — Moon enters Gemini;
September 8 — 6:59 AM — Moon enters Cancer;
September 10 — 6:36 PM — Moon enters Leo.

VENUS, the goddess of Love and Beauty was retrograde in radiant Leo for about six weeks (July 23 — September 4). During this period we went through a re-examination of personal values, intimate relationships, creative projects and financial investments. All this was put on standby and occasionally there was a feeling that we could not carry our personal weight any longer. These sectors have gone through a thorough re-evaluation and transformation — a kind of change and changing of old habits in order to establish a new set of values and more rewarding patterns in our lives.

The Planet of Harmony is Direct at 12° Leo 12', and the Sabian Symbol for this degree is called — An Old Sea Captain Rocking on the Porch of His Cottage. This is a symbol that signifies patience and wisdom, as well as experience. Life has taught you a thing or two including the fact that your whole being knows when to wait and when to set sail again. Venus leaves the Retrograde Zone on October 7, 2023, at 10:22 AM, at 28° Leo 36'.

As Venus moves direct again, it invites us to make new commitments, turn our backs on unproductive relationships, and trust again that we will get where we need to be. This was a profound experience, and now life has some new offers for each of us.

JUPITER, the bearer of good fortune, expansion and miracles, a planet under which influence are higher education, religion, distant travels and the law, is stationary Retrograde (September 4 — December 31). What is interesting is that this Retrograde motion begins at the 15th degree of Taurus, that is, one of the so-called ``Gates of the Avatar’’. It is actually the 15th degree of any fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius), and is significant because it is exactly halfway between the cardinal equinoxes and the solstice points.

These degrees are known as the “Gates of Avatars” and as you may know, an avatar is a free spirit being or soul with magical or godlike powers. There is a special confluence of energy here and throughout history some have considered this to be the entry point of divine energy through the planetary Avatar into the cosmos. This degree gives adherence to the law of karma, as well as the opportunity for an advanced soul to fulfil its destiny and teach others.

Jupiter’s retrograde motion is an excellent period for introspection and exploration of future experiences through insightful questioning, setting strong principles, as well as strengthening the intellect, morals, and expansion of awareness. So this is an ideal time to get your Inner Compass to serve you in setting new strategies. Find time for meditation, fasting and prayer, volunteering or reading books about angels, light beings, then motivation, faith and self-help.

The fixed signs — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius — will receive powerful tools that will help them through difficult times, memories and research of the past, and in which sectors this will happen remains to be seen through the analysis of the natal horoscope.

Otherwise, this week begins with a nice earth trine between the Sun in Virgo and the stable Moon in Taurus, as well as the Moon/Mercury Rx trine. This combination indicates new sources of stimulation — recognizing interests, people and activities that give you motivation. You do things that stimulate you and you switch from unexciting activities and even people from your recent past. You welcome the restoration of these relations.

The Moon in Taurus is in quincunx to Mars in Libra, which is in quincunx to Saturn Rx in Pisces, indicating that you may be feeling out of rhythm and in no man’s land. You may feel a little lost because your goals and intentions seem so far away. You know you can’t live your old life anymore. Now is the perfect time to consider an inventory to ensure you don’t bring old baggage on your new journey with you.

The transit of the Moon in Taurus will make several short-term aspects such as a square to Venus, a conjunction to Jupiter and Uranus Rx, a sextile to Neptune Rx and a trine to Pluto Rx. These are the moments when we get the feeling that everything is orchestrated by Divine intervention: you feel blessed in ways that are hard to express. People who matter to you notice you and help you promote yourself.

Contact key people to help you achieve your goal. It will help you regain your confidence.

The North Node in Aries will trine the Galactic Center, which is the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

If your natal astrological chart shows one or more planets located at a distance of 25° to 29° from Sagittarius, your personality is to some extent connected to the Galactic Center and you can channel the energy of the Galactic Center into the area of life (house) that 25° to 29° of Sagittarius are related to your natal chart.


Monday — September 4
2:27 AM — Venus sesquisquare Vesta: Imagine … Venus, the planet of love, beauty and harmony, walks through the heavens and meets the fiery and focused energy of Vesta, the asteroid that symbolizes devotion. In this celestial encounter, there is tension, a sense of discord, as these two cosmic forces collide, demanding your attention and introspection. Instability, rigidity, abuse of authority. Dominance filled with strange symbolism.
5:20 AM — Venus Direct — 12 Leo 13'D: From the alchemy of fire, Venus emerges brighter and full of creative energy. Indeed, the experience of creativity is an entry into the world of the unknown and mysterious. Technique and expertise are only tools; the key is to forget oneself in the energy that encourages the birth of all things.
6:00 AM — North Node conjuncts Eris Rx trine Galactic Center: The hidden doors of perception open wide: the rigid ideas and narrow containers of our being break down and we arrive at new possibilities freed from old stories, identity and emotions. Stay neutral. Everything changes and evolves.
10:29 AM — Mercury Rx trine Jupiter: Obsession to achieve detailed knowledge and inclination to philosophical thinking. Conversations with people from all walks of life. Understanding the stages of transition, journeys and reciprocity in all relationships.

Tuesday — September 5
12:41 AM — Sun semi-sextile Venus: A moment to beautify the surroundings: if by some chance you are moving into a new apartment or you are still on vacation renting a room or suite, you will most likely immediately start decorating the new surroundings. Today you will need to surround yourself with beautiful people, love and company that will reflect your own beauty.
11:00 PM — Mercury Rx square the Great Attractor: The Great Attractor at 14 Sagittarius 11 is a highly activated degree with an intense gravitational pull. The energy around it can be fascinating and visionary, but also highly polarizing with the potential for intense controversy, and Mercury Rx square the GA can cause impatience and dangerous impulsiveness.

Wednesday — September 6
12:10 AM — Sun sesquisquare Pluto Rx: The drive for proper imposition is disturbed. There may be a need to control others through manipulation or fear. This can cause a domino effect and the situation to escalate in unwanted directions. Therefore, instead of being superior to others, be wise and master yourself.
8:23 AM — Neptune Rx opposition Pallas: Balancing intuition and intellect becomes difficult and you could get lost in imagination. This combination can make it difficult to distinguish between reality and delusion, and in a positive sense, an affinity for healing and comforting others can arise.
11:09 AM — Sun conjunct Mercury Rx: Confronting the negative effects of long-term over-analyzing, fearful thoughts and fears. You may feel vulnerable, maybe a little exposed, but you will quickly regain your confidence and sense of humour. Stop surviving, take a break from the media and look into the field of potential that surrounds you. It’s all about where you focus your attention, right?
10:33 PM — Mercury Rx sesquisquare Pluto Rx: Change in thinking and lifestyle. A change of environment can be beneficial. Define your relationships. Cut out what you no longer want. Cut off connections that don’t add anything to you.
10:36 PM — Last Quarter Moon — 14 Gemini 04': Impatience is growing and significant procrastination is possible. You will need to be creative and dream up new and alternative ways to overcome challenges.

Thursday — September 7
3:20 AM— Sun square the Great Attractor: Possible frustration at not getting what you want. Comparison with others can make you bitter, but ambition that holds you to what is not manifesting can be extremely destructive. Ignore the drama. Pay attention to what really matters. Remember that this too shall pass.
4:34 AM — Neptune Rx quincunx Ceres: You will likely want to dive deep to nurture others without recognizing how disheartening it really is. If you work through your initial emotional response and separate truth from illusion, you can be nurturing and caring.
7:48 AM — Pluto Rx quincunx Vesta: You could receive some kind of offer that you may have difficulty accepting because you are afraid to examine your deeper motives and avoid facing loss.
12:41 PM — Neptune Rx sesquisquare Juno: Accept new challenges and start a new cycle. Let go of old patterns that hold you back. Moving to a new home. Buying property. A new project. Accept the changes as they are and try to make the best of it.
4:17 PM — Mercury Rx semi-sextile Venus: The gift of storytelling is emphasized. Creativity in speech and articulation. Release your inner child.

Friday — September 8
4:06 AM — Mercury Rx sesquisquare Ceres: Pay more attention to the messages your dreams bring you and awaken your creative side.
5:36 AM — Mercury Rx semisextile Juno: A powerful, intuitive wave that carries a strong connection with subconscious desires. New work projects or hobbies.
9:07 AM — Venus sesquisquare Pallas: Strong passionate energy that demands change in the world. Beware of potential aggression and arrogance in pursuing your visions.
11:12 AM — Sun trine Jupiter Rx: Release from restraints. Re-evaluate the situation and be honest with yourself. Take a positive step towards regaining your power after a challenge.
11:58 PM — Mars sesquisquare Uranus Rx: All animal drives are scattered, and this requires wisdom and achieving balance. Emphasized instincts. Plan carefully and patiently. Indecision about the messages to convey.

Saturday — September 9
2:10 PM — Pluto Rx trine Pallas: Setting up new social structures, strategies and spiritual traditions. If you are called to be a part of something bigger or learn something new, accept. Include more feelings than analysis in the situation.

Sunday — September 10
5:05 AM — Venus conjunction Juno: It’s time for a new romance. Harmony and security will be the main drivers in bonding with your spouse. Closing a negative cycle.
9:06 PM — Pluto Rx square Ceres: Tense energy can make you want to take control of others. Even if you think you are acting in their best interest, you can still overwhelm your closest allies. Emotional baggage. Change is rarely easy, but this aspect offers refuge to those who seek it.

This week you have the opportunity to show what you are capable of. The audience grows, and you are free enough to flow with all your might. Dance, be free and express your talents. It’s time to show what you can do.

These are general influences for the current week. Through guided exercises and open discussions, we will navigate a journey of self-discovery, finding ways to create a balanced community within and support spiritual union with our soul mate and fulfil our unique mission.

You know where to find me.

Have a nice week!

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