Super Blue Moon In Pisces

Irena Tančeva
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August 31, 2023 — Thursday,
Full Moon in Pisces,
at 3:35 AM,

Central European Time

The next Full Moon, the so-called Blue Moon, will occur on August 31, 2023 at 3:35 AM in the sign of imaginative and compassionate Pisces. August’s “Super Blue Moon” will be the biggest and brightest Full Moon of the year. The term Super Moon is a moment when the Moon is at its closest point to the Earth and is also in its Full phase, and the name Blue has nothing to do with the colour of the Moon, but with the phenomenon of a second Full Moon in the same month. Super Moons can trigger dramatic natural events, such as tectonic shifts and earthquakes, ocean storms, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions.

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac, a sign of mutable quality and a water element, a sign with a living and active water element or infinite potentiality, a passive-receptive character and a flexible nature. People born under this sign live in the world of imagination, are inclined to mysticism and spiritual disciplines, and are incredibly sensitive to influences from the immediate environment or even further afield, a talent bordering on telepathy. Incorrigible idealists, these are the people who would sacrifice themselves for something big, something of a higher nature in order to achieve an ideal of theirs or to help the weaker and helpless.

The Full Moon is the culmination of a cycle, when the Moon is in direct opposition to the Sun, thus putting personal and family needs in a kind of conflict, as we feel that we have difficulty meeting our personal needs and harmonizing them with the needs of family and loved ones.

Full Moons illuminate, bring clarity and often coincide with revelations and climaxes as this phase of the Moon has the ability to illuminate things and show different angles of the same situation that previously seemed hidden. Through these discoveries, we can fully process our thoughts and emotions and thus finally heal ourselves.

The most prominent aspects of this Full Moon in Pisces are the conjunction with Saturn Rx, then Mars quincunx Saturn Rx, as well as the quincunx between Mercury Rx in Virgo and Chiron Rx in Aries. Pisces is a sign ruled by Neptune, planet of ideals and dreams, visions and mysticism, and the Full Moon conjunct Saturn, planet of structure and form, will encourage us to seriously question what dreams we want to manifest into physical reality. Saturn’s support will be of great importance and will bring long-lasting success.

Sun opposition Saturn Rx is an aspect that reduces vitality, gives a serious and realistic disposition to life mostly due to the fact that all kinds of obstacles and challenges appear. An indication of poor health and a difficult relationship with the male parent, i.e. the father figure.

Moon conjunction Saturn Rx is an indication of emotional distance, loneliness due to large family obligations, as well as general dissatisfaction. Relationship with parents or female relatives is in question.

However, this is a good foundation to rein in ego energies, to stay wise while competing with the multiple demands and priorities that will flood your world, so you will need to know what is important to eliminate from life and what to focus on.

Mars quincunx Saturn Rx is a problematic pair, but with self-awareness the difficulties can be reduced. Saturn can temper Mars’ impatience and encourage disciplined action, achieving goals through concentrated or sustained effort and persistence. This is an aspect that emphasizes the urge to help other people, but a healthy line needs to be found between what you mutually expect from each other. Most likely, you will receive proof of your competence and intelligence. It will be good to eliminate the obligations, guilt and prejudices that you had about yourself and to reduce the activities that you do not like.

Mercury Rx quincunx Chiron Rx will force us to discuss topics that are unconventional, eccentric and shocking. Mercury’s communication power can help bring Chiron’s wounds to light, encouraging empathy, tolerance and compassion. Meanwhile, Chiron’s healing ability can lead Mercury to deeper, more sensitive communication styles, showing that logic may not be the best way to solve problems sometimes.

This Blue Full Moon occurs at 07° Pisces 25′, and the Sabian symbol for this degree is called — A GIRL BLOWING A BUGLE. In addition to the original and obvious symbolism of announcing, alarming or awakening others, this symbol speaks of the need to find the right direction when things are falling apart: the foundations are shaky, there is some repressed sadness or the destruction of old ideals because they become toxic. Perhaps the reaction is too strong or the perspective is narrow-minded — it depends on the case — but the perception of what is happening is hyperbolized and causes enormous anxiety. At some point in your life, you will probably feel the need to wake up those around you, and sometimes you may even wake up yourself. This Full Moon therefore asks us to carefully consider what deserves our attention and what doesn’t, to avoid becoming a vortex of negativity as it is likely to affect those around us. Unnecessary noise from the environment, increased noise and loudspeakers are also very likely.

Goldsmith explains this symbol as follows: An emperor and empress are seated upon adjacent thrones. The empress leans over to her husband and gives him some frank advice on an important matter of state.

Man and woman as they hold up their own ends of the world; lending stability to a marriage by adhering to socially-prescribed sex roles, vs. usurping one’s mate’s duties and causing friction; dominating others vs. developing an equal, respectful partnership by working through problems; redefining sex roles without losing sight of their function (oddly paired couples who work out a new set of rules); putting the world in order by thinking globally (prodding the conscience of world leaders by pointing out neglected facts; decrying imperialism as an immoral and destabilizing form of domination); boldly dragging a difficult issue into the spotlight vs. gentle admonitions from the sidelines; combining reason and intuition to arrive at a holistic integration of thought.

This Super Blue Full Moon will encourage you to ask yourself if you really know your capacities, what you really value, what is important to you and how you honestly feel about things? Can you be that person without worrying about what others think? As this is the second Full Moon of the month, the influence may not encourage feelings of happiness and fulfilment, but rather sadness, emptiness and purposelessness, and questions of what could have been different? Did you really do all you could? Should you answer the call? Are you ready for action? Did you perform well? Did you betray the trust?

How this Full Moon will be reflected in individual lives and how these aspects will connect with your natal aspects is a story unto itself and a personal search for answers. Everything is really possible. Open and expand your mind and knowledge about these beliefs. You don’t need to know how, just that anything is possible.

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Stay in good health and mood!

Irena Tancheva

Reference: Martin Goldsmith



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