Feb 14, 2021 4:54 PM Moon enters Aries
Feb 17, 2021 4:11 AM Moon enters Taurus
Feb 19, 2021 5:03 PM Moon enters Gemini
Feb 22, 2021 4:52 AM Moon enters Cancer

Feb 18 11:44 AM Sun enters Pisces Sun 0 Pis 00'
Feb 19 7:47 PM First Quarter Moon 1 Gem 21'
Feb 21 1:52 AM Mercury Direct Mer 11 Aqu 01'D
Feb 21 6:21 AM Ceres enters Aries Cer 0 Ari 00'

Trends of the week: SATURN in AQUARIUS squares URANUS in TAURUS on 17th, The SUN enters the sensitive, dreamy and imaginative sign of PISCES on February 18th, VENUS squares MARS on 20th, MERCURY ends its retrograde phase on 21st and the same day CERES enters ARIES.

February 15, 2021 — Monday

The MOON is at the first degrees of the initiative ARIES and now we have a green light to engage in all activities that require courage and dynamism.

A sextile between MOON/SATURN is telling us that help will arrive at a perfect time — the action is accelerating and we are able to impose ourselves with refreshed energy to realise our plans. Supported by others — MERCURY Rx conjuncts JUPITER — and couple of fortunate aspects, we are going to aspire to achieve peace and comfort first — MARS in TAURUS — as well as simplicity and earthly happiness.

Unconditional love heals all past wounds and draws intimate relationships towards you. You learned some soul lessons. Forgive and allow love and beauty approach.

February 16, 2021 — Tuesday

The MOON in ARIES in a sextile to VENUS in AQUARIUS says that this will be a day for a rebirth and cosmic evolution — this is a great day for mastering a skill, to put some extra love into your work and to stay determined.

There may be some contradictions later in the day — MOON square PLUTO in CAPRICORN — but you will be imbued with immense spiritual energy and coded information that may change your life.

Rise above mundane concerns, yet stay grounded — do not ignore your shadow energies but deal with them directly. Now is the time to leave your ego behind and stay authentic, so look for a creative solution and help evolve whatever it might be. Study, practice and thrive.

February 17, 2021 — Wednesday
SUN in AQUARIUS, MOON transit TAURUS ( February 17–19, 2021 )

Early in the morning, the MOON moved into the sensual TAURUS, which is a time to practically address the material needs, making plans, budgets and when patience and perseverance increase. Everything that requires prolonged effort now comes into focus, but you also need to find time for rest, comfort, and relaxation.

This is a day for joy, desire and affection, but walking a middle path is recommended since there`s a tense square between SATURN in AQUARIUS and URANUS in TAURUS. So try to stay moderate and meditate on perpetual motion of life. That way you will come to your blessings and harmony. If you yearn to be loved, try to bond with others in a sincere way, not trying someone to complete your own dark holes.

You may be making significant breakthrough, especially if you are ready to change the old way of thinking. This is an opportunity which may lead you to a new phase, so use this time to see things as they really are and connect to the wisdom of your heart.

February 18, 2021 — Thursday
SUN transit PISCES ( February 18 — March 20, 2021 ), MOON in TAURUS

The Winter is a time for hibernation and today the SUN is moving into the imaginative PISCES, which is a kind of a rainbow bridge from one phase to another. There`s a dreamy feeling, so dream your potentials into existence and assist the shift to a new level of consciousness.

The MOON in TAURUS helps in personal growth, material abundance as well as patience and today would be an ideal day to spend some time out in the nature.

Now would be good to de-energise old patterns and raise your vibration. Release old karmic contracts and go within to find your treasure house. Get as clear on where you want to be. Happiness comes when we improve and do better than the last time. Wealth is coming your way, because you have sympathy for all and everyone. Harness your healing ability.

February 19, 2021 — Friday
SUN in PISCES, MOON transit GEMINI ( February 19–22, 2021 )
First Quarter Moon, at 7:47 PM, CET

This is a time to stop and reflect — there may be some upheavals, delays, risks or limits, so step off the karmic wheel and bring light into human awareness — First Quarter Moon. Give thanks to what you are about to achieve, evaluate your journey and recognise the full potential of your being.

GEMINI MOON is here to bring back enthusiasm, sense of adventure, new beginnings, light-hearted conversations and innocence. Do not assume that you have all the answers though, because you may be making rush or overly impulsive choices. Make no room for rumours.

There`s a feeling of general excitement and you may be feeling that you are on an epic journey, when you know how to realise your dreams. Do not push against the current, just go with the flow.

February 20, 2021 — Saturday
VENUS squares MARS

Today it is essential to remove the pink glasses and critically rethink some situations — VENUS square MARS. Any obstacles that may be lingering on will be overcome easily. This is a time of metamorphosis, when you recognise your passionate nature, which will draw some good news, beginnings, new connections and some magic.

Neither failure, nor argument will stop you now, so set your intentions, do things orderly and you will come to nice surprises. Raise your vibration and deal with negative forces. Detach from mundane affairs and seek your spiritual path — what you seek is seeking you.

Remember that everything happens as it should happen: we are all supported with infinite love and guidance. Do not ignore a good advice and stop being addicted to your own stories.

February 21, 2021 — Sunday
Mercury direct,

After a three week of retrograde phase, today MERCURY, the planet related to communication, mobility, news and information stations direct in AQUARIUS. This is a phase of non-action, possibly nostalgia or reconnecting with people and friends from the past.

If you notice some lingering feeling of guilt, stay flexible — MOON in the mutable GEMINI — explore your diplomacy skills and open yourself to receive enlightenment. This is a new beginning — CERES in ARIES — so make peace with your past and move on boldly to where you are meant to be.

Remember when life was so simple and gather those lessons. Bless these memories with a new-found compassion and stay as pure as a child. Fresh stages and new beginnings are always available to you. Borrow some inspiration from your future self. Think of sunflowers, wonders and innocence.






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